Writing a Song in a Minor Key

How to Write a Song in a Minor Key Part 1

Writing a song for a minor key is easy! The steps for writing a song in a minor key are similar to that of a major key. You will first start with the chord progression. A chord progression is the foundation of a song. You need to know what chords sound good together and I will show you that in this blog. Below is a table that lists all of the chords in the key of A minor. This key is the easiest to write a song in since there aren’t any sharps or flats.

writing chord progressions in minor keys

Chords move in a certain way that make it a progression. The best way to write a song in a minor key would be to follow a Tonic -> Predominant -> Dominant-> Tonic pattern. Below is a list of chords and their function. Remember that capitalized roman numerals are major chords and lower case are minor chords. Tonic Chords: i – III – VI Predominant Chords: iio – iv Dominant Chords: v (minor) -V (major)- VII

As long as chords follow the Tonic, Predominant, Dominant, back to Tonic pattern the chord progression will sound great! Here are some examples:

1. i – iv – v – i

2. i – III – V – i

3. i – iv – iio – V – i

4. i – iv – V – i

5. i – iv – VII – i

6. i – VI – VII – V – i

7. VI – iv – VII – i

8. VI – iv – V – i

Writing chord progressions in a minor key is easy with this system. Feel free to use any of the suggested chord progressions for your next hit song or try and come up with your own!  Here you saw me write out chord progressions that were only four chords long, but you can make chord progressions as long as eight or more. If you would like personal assistance with any of the blog concepts, online and on-location lessons are available from Let’s Play Music and Make Art, LLC located in Derry and Londonderry, NH. www.letsplaymusic.com

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