What Will I Learn As A Beginning Piano Student?

What Will You Learn As A Beginning Piano Student?

A lot!

When you take piano lessons at Let’s Play Music as a beginner, you will learn many concepts and skills that you would not learn in a typical, traditional piano lesson.  As in a traditional lesson, you will learn to read music and play the piano with expression. In a Let’s Play Music beginner piano lesson, you will also learn create music on the spot within the first few lessons! This is called improvising. You will also be playing with a recording that simulates playing in a band and teaches you to play solo piano better.

Another skill that you will be introduced to right away is playing scales and chords and you will learn how to identify them in songs you are playing. This will allow you to play songs you know your own way. This is called arranging. By knowing scales and chords, you will also learn to write your own music. At Let’s Play music, we teach you to be a well-rounded musician, not simply a piano player!

Jay Latulippe

Jay Latulippe

Jay is the program director at Let’s Play Music and make Art, LLC. He holds a degree in Music performance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He has authored over a dozen books including the popular piano series, Let’s Play Jazz and More! published by Santorella Publications.

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