What Is The Right Age To Start Music Lessons?

Start lessons in the right program or with the right instrument developmentally.

Adults can start lessons at any age on any instrument and reap the many benefits of a music education. We find that the key to success when studying as an adult is to remember to keep it fun and relaxing! Focus on enjoying the process and the results will follow.

Lessons for children – When children begin lessons with a program that is age-appropriate, they make progress and have a positive experience. Matching your child to the right program, teacher, and/or instrument for their age and interest is key to their success!

Children – newborns through age 5 gain a perfect start to their development musically and socially with our Kindermusik program. This program engages children’ musical creativity in an age-appropriate, fun, and stimulating group environment.

Private lessons for children under 5 – While we strongly recommend that children participate in our Kindermusik program because of its many strengths in a musical growth, private lessons are possible for 4 & 5 year olds.

Piano lessons for children under 5, we use Music for Little Mozarts. Violin, flutophone, singing, and hand drum lessons are some other suitable options at that age. Many of our teachers combine a variety of instruments in a lesson with children these ages. We offer a 15 minute private lesson until they are ready to have full attention in a half hour lesson

Piano/ keyboard lessons for children over 5 – Choosing a program that gives you options to perform and play with other musicians, play styles you like, and  has recital options helps encourage success by making learning fun.

Guitar – Acoustic, Electric and bass lessons – Lessons are possible as early as 5 years old, but children tend to do better at 8 years old. For younger children, we recommend a ¾ size classical guitar that has nylon strings because steel strings can be difficult to play making practicing frustrating if children fingers hurt.

Voice lessons – Full vocal development is best as a child approaches her teen years. However, children who are younger can benefit from vocal training by learning proper breathing technique, ear training, note reading, and even some basics on the piano. For children younger than 10 years old, we recommend a voice/piano combination.

Drum lessons – Students can start drums at the age of 5 or 6. A 15 minute private lesson may be recommended until children have the concentration for a ½ hour lesson. Another option for younger students is a drum lesson combined with another instrument. We find that studying drums in particular can help children with ADD or ADHD. The type of focus required to play helps develop focus in other areas of study as well.

Violin lessons – Even though it is possible to start violin younger than 5 years old, the most productive learning happens after the age of 5 for the violin.

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone and Trumpet Lessons – Students need to have the size and lung capacity to effectively sound the instrument. This is generally around 8 or 9 years old. If a student wants to play one of these instruments but isn’t large enough yet, we recommend starting with the flutophone or recorder. Fingering for these instruments are similar to other woodwind instruments.

Jay Latulippe

Jay Latulippe

Jay is the program director at Let’s Play Music and make Art, LLC. He holds a degree in Music performance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He has authored over a dozen books including the popular piano series, Let’s Play Jazz and More! published by Santorella Publications.

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