Vocal Warm Ups

Vocal Warm Ups for Beginning Singers

Warming up your voice is extremely important as a beginning singer. Warm-ups don’t only get you ready to sing but they help you improve musically in many different areas. Vocal warm ups help you increase your accuracy with pitch. It helps you practice tone, timbre, proper breathing, and your ear too! The exercise below is a quick video of one of the vocal warm ups I provide in my voice lessons. As I explain in the video, it’s a five note exercise that is pretty easy to follow. The five notes go up and come back down. A chord is played where you then breathe and prepare for the change in notes and then sing through the exercise slightly higher.

It is important that you practice this exercise while keeping your throat open. If you feel any stress in your throat you are singing incorrectly and should stop right away. If you are unsure on how to open your throat to sing, try making yourself yawn. When you yawn your throat opens. This is the same exact technique that needs to be used when singing this easy vocal warm-up.

Know Your Vocal Range

When you were singing through the exercise, where did you find it hard to keep singing? If you watched the piano keys during the vocal warm ups, what was the note where you started to feel at your limit? If you are unsure what the notes are on the piano, “D” is in between the two black keys. The notes go up the alphabet as you move to the right and down as you move to the left. It is important to know your vocal range and where you should stop singing along with vocal warm ups. If you try to sing higher and higher without knowing what your range is you could hurt your voice. For a detailed blog on knowing your vocal range and how to figure out what it is, visit this link here.

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  1. For the Beginning Singers it is very much necessary vocal warmups….And i also agree with your words that we have to perfectly know our vocal range…So as of the range is being decided it can be very much helpful in singing..Thanks for the article..!!!!!!

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