Singing With Expression

If you want to learn to sing expressively, try saying your lyrics with expression as if you were an actor or an actress. Acting and singing are closely related which is why many actors/actresses can sing even though they do not have a trained voice. You are on your way to singing with expression!

Start by looking at each line of your lyric and ask these questions:
Which word do I want to emphasis in each line?
How long or short do I want to say each word. Is there a particular word that I want to draw out? Where do I want to pause?
Where will I place inflections? Will I want my voice go up or down on any particular word? Up can indicate excitement, down could be sadness for example.

Say each line of lyric after answering these questions. Avoid speaking in a monotone. Memorize your lines while performing this exercise. The more you practice the easier this will become.

This exercise helps you to sing more expressively by becoming aware of the choices the composer made, You will find yourself singing your songs with more emotion. This also a great way to learn how to write your own melodies as well!

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Alex Rindone

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