Keep Your Singing Voice Healthy

Fun Fact: Your voice changes until you are in your thirties! Vocal health for singers goes beyond drinking water and avoiding yelling, screaming, and whispering. Young singers, particularly pre-pubescent singers, are more prone to injury but injury can be avoided while their voices develop by keeping a few things in mind. Hoarseness or laryngitis indicates swelling or irritation in the larynx, vocal folds, or throat and can cause pathological issues in the long term if not allowed to heal fully or the singer develops a recurring issue. Those symptoms are an indication that the singer should rest their voice!

It’s important to keep your singing voice healthy!

Young singers: please do not be afraid to speak up for yourselves. If you are feeling fatigue, tightness, pain, or sounding hoarse talk to your choral directors, parents, and voice teacher about taking a rest for a couple of days. Taking a few days off from practicing/rehearsing to heal is better than trying to “push through” vocal exhaustion. When in doubt, take a break and talk to your voice teacher!

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