Is My Child Ready For Voice Lessons?

“It doesn’t seem like my child is a natural at singing… should they bother taking voice lessons?”

The short answer: Of course!  We wouldn’t expect someone to already be able to play Beethoven before starting piano lessons, why would we expect you to be able to sing like Christina Aguilera?

Starting to take voice lessons is just like starting any other instrument.  Students that start trumpet, or flute lessons need to learn slowly how to produce just the right amount of lip tension, and breath support to create the note and sound quality they would like to produce.

Most people do not simply pick up an instrument and know how to play during the first lesson!  Some people may have an easier time with initial basics of picking up an instrument (including voice) but everyone can improve their skills given the time and dedication.

Whenever someone shows an interest in taking music lessons for the first time, it may seem like there is a mountain of new information to learn and that can be a little intimidating.  In voice lessons, students will learn how to access the notes they need to sing, develop ear training skills and learn how to be expressive along with traditional music theory, note reading and sight singing.  Just like any new skill, some aspects of learning may come to you easier than others, but with desire and dedication anyone can improve their singing voice!

Kate Klingel

Kate Klingel

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