Improve Your Singing Voice

Everyone wants to become a better singer. One of the most important aspects to improve your singing voice is proper breathing technique. Without it singer’s lack support, create tension in their timbre (the sound of their voice), and lack consistency in pitch. Proper breathing technique first starts with taking in the most amount of air possible. To achieve this you need to push out using your stomach muscles as you breathe in. This is similar to when kids pretend to be Santa Clause around Christmas time. Many people don’t know this but your lungs will expand forward and backward as well as down. Breathing this way pushes your organs away from the lungs allowing for maximum breath.

Step two that will improve your singing voice with the proper breathing technique is keeping your shoulders relaxed. Many times beginning singers will raise their shoulders and take a quick puff of breath like they are blowing the three little pigs’ house down. This is incorrect because it may seem like you are getting a big breath, but the only result is tension in your sound. The sound of the breath itself is distracting for listeners as well.

The third aspect of proper breathing is keeping your stomach out as you sing. The stomach naturally wants to come in to its normal position causing pressure on the lungs. The pressure on the lungs makes them release the air faster resulting in an unsupported note. Unsupported notes lack consistency in pitch and affect your overall tone and timbre. Proper breathing technique is the first step in learning how to sing properly though it won’t be perfected overnight. Like with everything, practice is the key to consistency and success!

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Jay Latulippe

Jay Latulippe

Jay is the program director at Let’s Play Music and make Art, LLC. He holds a degree in Music performance from the University of Missouri – Kansas City. He has authored over a dozen books including the popular piano series, Let’s Play Jazz and More! published by Santorella Publications.

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