How to Sing Longer Notes

Many students of mine come into a lesson and have a song that has various long notes in it. This is difficult for many singers, especially beginners, because it requires various techniques to achieve.

How to Sing Longer Notes

Recently I wrote a blog titled Improve Your Voice With Proper Breathing which explained how to breath properly using the stomach. This is the most important part of learning how to hold notes longer while singing so I suggest reading it by clicking HERE. Proper breath is important when it comes to holding notes longer because you need to be able to get the most air possible with your breath.

The second step on how to sing longer notes is to push out with the stomach as you sing the note. The stomach naturally wants to put pressure on your lungs by moving back into its resting position after you breathe. This causes you to sing the note with more air because the stomach makes the air escape. If you listen closely you may also even hear some air leaking as you sing. This sounds similar to when you slowly deflate a balloon. Though it may be subtle, it is there.

Next you need to make sure that you are on pitch with the note you are trying to sing. If you are working on how to sing longer notes on your own, you can use a piano for the note or a pitch pipe. This does require you to figure out what the note is which is hard if you are trying to figure it out by ear. Try singing that pitch with a proper breath and then pushing out with the stomach as you are singing. Imagine the sound moving forward like a beam of light and try to pin-point the direction the note is moving towards. If this is a higher note, you will naturally sing it a little louder. Allow for this to happen but avoid belting the note using the throat as it is harmful to your voice. To avoid using your throat, make sure that you open your throat the same way you do when you yawn.

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