Guitar String Names

One of the first things a new guitar student should do is memorize the guitar string names and numbers of the open strings. An open string refers to any string that is strummed without using the fretting hand. Each string is tuned to a specific pitch. Though there are many different tunings to choose from, this article will focus on the most common type, known as standard tuning. It is also important to know that the strings on the guitar are numbered from highest pitch to lowest pitch. The skinniest string is considered the first string. The thickest, therefore, is the sixth string. From the first to the sixth, the string names are E B G D A E.

The best way to remember the guitar string names is to create a mnemonic device. Starting with the first string, create a phrase where the initials of each word represent the string names. For example, Easter Bunny Gets Depressed After Easter. Easter represents the E string, Bunny represents the B string, and so on. You could also start form the sixth string and work backwards. An example would be: Elephants And Dogs Go Bouncing Everywhere, or E A D G B E.

The sillier the phrase, the easier it will be to remember. Feel free to use the examples presented here, or have fun creating your own!

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Daniel Saunders

Daniel Saunders

Daniel is the Guitar Program Supervisor at Let’s Play Music and Make Art, LLC. He holds a degree in Music Performance from the Musicians Institute in California where he taught for nearly ten years. He is also published through Hal Leonard for Guitar World Magazine Video Lessons.

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