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Let’s Play Music provides lessons on all brass instruments including trumpet, trombone, french horn, tuba, and more for home schoolers. Scheduling is convenient around what your needs are. Typically students have to wait until they are age 9 or 10 to take trumpet lessons. This is because younger students don't have the lung capacity when it comes to learning trumpet or any other brass instrument. Are you interested in taking trumpet lessons but don't have a trumpet? We offer rental options that are $25 per month. Our staff will have your trumpet ready for you when you come in for your first lesson. If your child is interested in taking trumpet lessons, but is younger than 9 or 10, piano lessons are a great idea! Students can be learning piano which will help them later on when reading trumpet music. It also helps to develop the students ear!

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It is necessary to learn technique when it comes to trumpet as well as any other instrument. Technique teaches our hands to focus on how to correctly play the notes that appear on the page. Note reading becomes easier when songs can be broken down into technique exercises that the students may have played before. All of the sudden the trumpet music starts to make sense in lessons and everything clicks. Different techniques that students learn are scales, chords, arpeggios, melodic and harmonic intervals, and strength and dexterity exercises.

Expression is an important part of trumpet playing. Many notes can be played correctly but lack expression. This can be both dull and boring to both the performer and listener. Music is meant to show emotion. When students learn expression, their trumpet playing comes to life!

Understanding music theory helps students learn why and how chords work in music. Students also learn note reading on the music staff. It also teaches them what scales to use and in what keys. Every instrument uses the same music theory. It's like they are all part of the same language. Knowing music theory also helps students create their own songs in their trumpet lessons.

Trumpet students should always learn how to improvise. Learning improvisation helps make trumpet lessons more fun and students to be creative! Students learn simple song structure as well as different melodic devices. Students also implement the scales and chords that they've learned from their theory and technique portion of their lesson.

Let's Play Music and Make Art LLC, offers many different performance opportunities for trumpet students. Every year our studio takes part in both a spring and fall recital. We also attend the annual ATAM New England Music Festival held at the Newton, MA Marriott Hotel in April. A performance is a great goal for a trumpet student to have with their lessons and another great reason to practice!

Voice Lessons

Anyone can improve their voice whether they are an absolute beginner or a seasoned performer. Our teachers will help you sing better and provide a supportive environment where you feel comfortable improving your voice.


Piano Lessons

Many piano instructors and studios only teach students how to read songs from a lesson book. This approach is okay but it is very limiting. Little creativity is involved and the students don’t understand the language of the music.


Drum Lessons

Students can pick up drumming at any age! We have awesome teachers and great methods that can have kids as young as 4 playing simple beats that rock. Electric drums allow for students to play at lower volumes for parents too!