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Home School Drum Lessons are a great choice for many students looking to get into music and supplement their home school curriculum. The instrument is loud, but with electronic drum sets becoming popular, students can practice quietly using only headphones. In our drum lessons we use books and materials that can be played on both the snare and drum set. If you are interested in lessons but don't wish to purchase a set right away, we offer pad set rentals for $25 per month. They don't offer the actual sound of a real drum set, but students can actually practice with the correct parts of the instrument instead of only a snare drum. Many of our drum students are enrolled in our rock band program. We are always looking for drummers as they are a necessary part to keeping time!

Bass Drum Variations Ex.

Cymbal Variations Drumset Technique

Flam Fills Drumset Technique

Ghost Notes Drumset Technique

Hihat Drumset Exercise

Last to First Drumset Exercise

Open Hi Hat Embellishments

Click here to download the complete drumset exercises and charts from our drum teacher Tim Gray.
Tim's drum set exercises and charts

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Drum Rudiments

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Students learn proper technique on drums through rudiments and other snare drum exercises. These exercises can translate onto any and all of the drums that are part of a drum set. They reinforce rhythm as well as note reading which is essential to any drummer. Every snare drum exercise in a drum lesson is meant to help the student improve their coordination, speed, and dynamics.

Expression is an important part of drumming. Many notes can be played correctly but lack expression. This can be both dull and boring to the performer and listener. Music is meant to show emotion. When students learn expression, their drumming comes to life!

Understanding music theory helps students learn why and how chords work in music. Students also learn note reading on the music staff. It also teaches them what scales to use and in what keys. Every instrument uses the same music theory. It's like they are all part of the same language. Knowing music theory also helps students create their own songs in their drum lessons. It is also important to know music theory and how to read notes for when students may play pitched percussion in an ensemble. Pitched percussion uses the same music staff as any other instrument, and not solely a rhythmic staff.

Drum students should always learn how to improvise. Learning improvisation helps make drum lessons more fun and students to be creative! Students learn simple song structure as well as different rhythmic devices.

Let's Play Music and Make Art LLC, offers many different performance opportunities for drum students. Every year our studio takes part in both a spring and fall recital. We also attend the annual ATAM New England Music Festival held at the Newton, MA Marriott Hotel in April. A performance is a great goal for a drum student to have with their lessons and another great reason to practice!

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