Choral Group

Welcome to Let's Play Music's Choral Group page! This Choral Group is first being offered as a camp on Monday's at 7 to 7:45 pm. In the fall, the group will continue and have open enrollment. The choral group will consist of students of all ages and skill levels learning how to sing together in a group. Students will participate in two-part or three-part harmonies depending on skill level, range, and the number of students involved. There will be chances for singers to sing small solos, and pieces may be taken from Frozen, popular hits, or other Disney songs. Students will learn how to match pitch with others that are singing the same part, as well as match pitch with a piano. We will also go over breathing techniques and exercises to help grow the voice. Singers’ ranges will be evaluated on the first day so that they will be given a part that matches their range and skill level. Everyone will learn new skills when it comes to singing along with others in a group setting that aren’t necessarily taught in private lessons such as balance and blend. Basic piano skills will help students but isn’t a requirement. It helps students because they can go home and practice their part more easily since they can sit down at the piano and play it while singing along. Students will also learn about tone and timbre.

Students will learn how to read music on a basic level with various note reading exercises. These exercises will have students looking at a simplified piece of music where they will try to sing the pitches without hearing the song played on the piano. They will most likely be parts of songs they will recognize if they sing the first few pitches correctly, like When The Saints Go Marching In, Ode to Joy, Aura Lee, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. If there is enough interest then the group may continue beyond the camp dates and be its own ensemble and prep for the new A Capella or Stagecraft.

Mondays 7pm-7:45pm, ages 8-18, $99 for 8 weeks starting June 30, 2014

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