Music Lessons in Derry, NH, Londonderry, NH and Manchester, NH

Let’s Play Music offers a comprehensive music program, including private music lessons, located in Derry, NH and in Londonderry, NH just over the Manchester, NH line. We offer lessons for piano, guitar, drums, voice, and more! Students can participate in rock bands, theory classes, recitals, performances, a maestro status Kindermusik Program and even a music festival!

Our private lesson program includes four weekly private music lessons on the instrument of your choice, four weekly theory classes, and monthly workshops!

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About Our Studio

Let's Play Music & Make Art, LLC., located in Derry, NH and in Londonderry, NH at exit 5 off of Route 93, offers innovative and first-rate music education. Our instructors facilitate your strengths while providing a solid foundation in theory and technique. Formerly East Derry School of Music, Let’s Play Music has been creating successful, disciplined musicians with unmatched talent for over 21 years.

Our Teachers

Monthly Program Includes:

  • Private Lesson
  • Weekly Theory Class
  • Monthly Group Class

Monthly Lesson Rates:

Upcoming Events


View our calendar below for an in-depth look at our upcoming events. We often attend festivals and host studio recitals for our students in Derry, New Hampshire.

Beginner Theory Class held in Derry, Tuesdays at 5:30

FREE Percussion Ensemble for Students Sat. Mar 7 at 10 am

FREE with Book Beginner & Advanced Piano Duets Sat. Mar 7 at 11:00 am

FREE Guitar Ensemble for Students Wed. TBA at 7 pm

Spring Recital Friday, March 20th at 7 pm

Spring Recital Sunday, March 22nd at 1, 3, 5, & 7 pm

2015 New England Music Festival April 10, 11 and 12 at the Boston Newton Marriott

Our Calendar
Derry Choral Group

Now Offering a Community Choral Group

Let's Play Music is now offering a Choral Group open for the community to join. One of our new voice teacher's Kate Klingel is running a group that starts November 3rd at 6:00 pm that will be a fun setting while students learn how to sing harmonies, develop artistically, and practice expressive singing. The choral group helps develop personal confidence as well as community with fellow members. Performances throughout the year will help to expand musical repertoire and gain experience singing in front of an audience.

The group is $25 per month for 30 minute weekly classes. Music selections will include Broadway, popular standards, and holiday favorites. Some of these selections will be from the Wicked and Frozen.

Try a Free Kindermusik Class!

Music Lessons in Derry, NH and Londonderry, NH

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Piano Lessons

Voice Lessons

Violin Lessons

Online Music Lessons

Saxophone Lessons

Drum Lessons

Accordion Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

Trumpet Lessons

Why Choose Let's Play Music?

  • The teaching methods developed at our studios are published and sold worldwide.
  • Our Student Achievement System helps students to set goals and gain recognition for their accomplishments.
  • Group lessons and rock bands available to supplement private lessons.
  • Opportunities for participation in recitals, local performances, and participation in the New England Music Festival and Competition.
  • Two convenient locations with easy access from the greater Derry – Londonderry – Manchester area.
  • Our friendly, professional instructors make learning music fun!

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Our Unique Piano Methods

Let's Play Music's program director, Jay Latulippe, has authored Let's Play Music's own piano method that is published and sold world-wide. Piano lessons with our piano education method go far beyond traditional piano lesson. Traditional piano teachers teach students how to read and sometimes teach a little music theory. This approach can take the creativity out learning to play piano and the fun at the same time! At Let's Play Music, you or your child will learn to read music and study music theory. Plus, you will learn how to improvise (create music that you hear in your head on the spot) right from the very first lesson helping to bring out and develop your creativity right away! Not only do we teach these piano skills but we teach you how to take fun, popular songs and play them quickly and easily by arranging them yourself. Using these methods, eventually you can even play piano by ear. Most importantly, we know that piano lessons need to be fun. That is why our instructors are people-friendly piano teachers that make lessons enjoyable! We even offer online piano lessons to students through the United States.

rock band program

Our Band Programs

Let’s Play Music makes learning an instrument fun, and when students are having a good time they learn and practice more. In addition to private study with one of our knowledgeable and friendly educators, students can choose from a variety of enrichment opportunities such as band, duet, theory, sound recording, and song writing classes depending on their interests. When students have the benefit of playing with others, music becomes more than just sitting in a room alone practicing. Lasting bonds and friendships develop from making music with peers.

This summer, Let's Play Music offered two summer rock band camps, a vocal ensemble, and a violin ensemble. Call today to enroll!

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Our Duet Classes

Let’s Play Music makes learning an instrument fun by offering FREE duet classes with tuition. We also offer multiple ensembles that are also completely free with tuition. Duet classes and ensembles will require a book purchase for materials. Currently our duet classes and ensembles are offered at our Derry Location only.

Practice Tips

Learning to sing or play an instrument is a lot of fun, but it’s also a discipline. This means that as your child learns new concepts and develops their inherent abilities, a commitment is necessary to progress. If you’ve been with Let's Play Music a while, you’ve no doubt heard your teacher say that investing 15 to 20 minutes a day, 5 or 6 days a week is better than hour of sporadic practice. This is because long term memory and skill development advance with consistent effort. Remember all that information in school you crammed before a test? I didn’t think so! Once the novelty of taking music lessons wanes a bit, it’s pretty natural for students to resist practice time. This is because it requires them to focus, and let’s face it: it’s work! Here are some tips we’ve found effective over the years with our own children and students:

Practice Tip #1

Practice space should be located where family activity occurs. It helps if you’re within ear-shot of your child as she practices only to give encouragement, but also because this prevents the child from feeling isolated. If your piano is in the basement, consider this a good time to fold that basket of laundry while she does her scales.

Practice Tip #2

Make a routine out of practice time. Families who are most successful with practicing are those who choose a practice time and stick with it. Many parents find that 15 or 20 minutes before their child gets on the bus works great, others like the after dinner time. We have found this to be true also. If we’re all over the place with enforcing practice, we’re likely to encounter a lot of resistance.

Practice Tip #3

Lastly, have fun with music! Make a game out of it. Little ones like to play teacher and have their parents learn under their direction. This can really fuel interest. Hold regular family concerts; invite grandparents and other extended family or friends over for an evening of music with your child as the featured act. Serve some refreshments and enjoy! Their music shouldn’t exist in a vacuum; it should expand beyond the weekly lesson and the practice regimen. The more opportunity for genuine appreciation students have, the more successful they’ll be on their journey.


Please come in to the studio to talk to your teacher at the end of each lesson. Communication with your teacher is essential for success. There are so many things to learn in music! Letting your teacher know what you want to study or if you would like to try other instruments, techniques, songwriting, computer music, or sound recording. Work with your teacher to set goals. Also, a supportive environment for your musical endeavors at home works wonders!

Summer Music Camp in NH

Rock Band Camp

July 6th - 9th, 2015, 9am-4pm and July 13th-16th, 2015, 9am-4pm.

August 10th - 14th, 2015, 9am-4pm and August 17th - 20th, 2015, 9am-4pm.

Our Rock Band Camp is for ages 10-18. Space is limited to 10 students!

Summer Music Camps